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I thought You Remind Me of Me was very, very sad -- despressing as hell even. And I didn't love it as much as his short stories, which, of course, puts me in the minority. I loved the bits with the mother (?) though.

Haven't read You Remind Me of Me, but you are TOTALLY taking me back to Marks Hall overnighters, jamming on T.O. papers about the extent of Reagan-era malfeasance whilst consuming truckloads of Jolt Cola, No-Doz and Peanut Butter Captain Crunch. On a corrector-ribbon semi-electric Smith Corona typewriter, no less!

Go Carolyn!

Haven't read the Chaon book yet, but I have to say, Carolyn, you've been keeping up a fine juggling act!

Gwenda - In class I would up defending the mom/Nora parts to a nonplussed room. But I liked Chaon's novel more than his stories - so I guess I'm in the majority there.

Doug - believe it or not, I never ever hit the No-Doz.

Ed - you, sir, are the master juggler.

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