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i've been googling this morning to see if any of the extras are also bloggers. you seem to be the only one.

good to know i wasn't blanking on the punk scene in the book. but why create one, and why put so much effort into it? my guess is that they wanted something flashy and recognizably 80s to stick in the trailer so the kids will cough up their money. i'm glad, though, that after all the dancing and drinking of fake beer for minimum wage (where was the real beer? i totally missed out on that) we won't necessarily end up on the cutting room floor.

i too was bothered by the depiction of jane's character--when we meet her in the book, she's practicing her golf swing at a swank party. the only way i'll buy her being in that punk bar in the first place is if it turns out to be some kind of fish-out-of-water experiment, a kind of "hey! let's go do something completely out of character and invigorating to feel ALIVE" thing, and even then i hope that's not the case because that would really suck.

on the whole, i'm skeptical of the final result, but at least i can add "shot a scene with peter sarsgaard" to my list of bizarre things i've done.

thanks for posting this.

were you hocking up smoke machine cookies later, too?

Me, again--

I am SERIOUSLY considering organizing a boycott againt this film when/if it ever gets released... Anyone wanna jump on board?

email me: [email protected]

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