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I'd say if you show up with that sweet strip AA has underneath his eyes, you'll be golden for the punk scenes. Just try to not to appear nearly as masculine as he does in this video.

If they pass on you, maybe hire the indie promoter from a few posts earlier - Clegg?

First of all, welcome to Pittsburgh-- where I've just spent the last 2 years. Enjoy! Now on to my rant... Thanks for listening.

I consider myself THE #1 "Mysteries of Pittsburgh" fan, and somehow I only JUST learned about this film adaptation... which I've been waiting for since 1993 when I first read the book. And I am SO angry about it, I want to cry.

Who does this director/writer think he is, CHANGING the story? I read in article that he got into filmmaking so he could one day make this movie (because of his love for the book) and then he combines Arthur and Cleveland into ONE character! What the f***!? (And why is Peter Saarsgard playing the role when he's clearly 10 years too old?)

I checked out the official website and watched the behind the scenes footage. The director's wearing a Tigers cap and tossing a football around like some Total Jock. Doesn't look like a true “Mysteries” fan to me! (And his comment about "the gay sex comes later" slightly offended me. Not to mention the thought of Art Bechstein having sex with Cleveland...Dude, it would NEVER happen!)

All I can say is, I got my MFA in Dramatic Writing at Carnegie Mellon (right behind the REAL "Cloud Factory," where it doesn't look like they're actually shooting) just so I could one day adapt this wonderful novel into a film...Which is EXACTLY what I will do, once this so-called version miserably fails.

What the hell is this director talking about? There is a love triangle in the book: between Art, Arthur and Plox. How did he factor Cleveland into it? I cant believe this!!! Removing Arthur changes the whole book. It is an entirely different story without him. How could Michael Chabon stand for this? And after such a good adoptation of Wonder Boys.
The truth is they did not want a bisexual character. So they completely cut out anything gay out of the story. This is outrageous!
I wont even bother seeing the movie now.

Actually, as long as there's a love affair between Art and the new Cleveland, I could be sold. Especially after seeing Saarsgaard in Kinsey. It's a different story, for sure, but as long as it hasn't just become a hetero triangle I think it could remain adequately true to the book. Arthur Lecomte is a great, great character -- maybe he'll turn up somewhere else.

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