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Cassity’s family owns several cemeteries, as well as a funeral-insurance business—an angle that is very “Six Feet Under.” What’s his connection to the show?

He’s been a consultant to the show, though any resemblance between him and the character of David Fisher—a gay funeral director who fights with his older brother—is purely coincidental, as Cassity didn’t begin to work with the show until after the pilot. It was Cassity, however, who gave the show’s writers the idea to have Nate receive a green burial after his death on the show, a few weeks ago.

From the New Yorker.

In fact - the resemblance is not coincidental. Alan Ball's development partner saw an early cut of the film The Young and The Dead at HBO, (IMDB or Google it to learn more), a documentary HBO produced, directed by Shari Springer and Bob Pulcini (American Splendor) about Hollywood Forever and the Cassity brothers and this was the original inspiration for Six Feet Under.

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