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What a great story! Thanks for sharing it.


that is such a great story.

I started reading that thinking it was yourfirst salvo into posting fiction on the haus.


I thought as Jason T did, that you had begun posting some creative writing. That's a great story - sounds like you spent a very small bit of really quality time with a great guy. Thanks for the links as well.

I used to canvas. I only met crazy people who wanted me to share dinner with them and who then only offered me pocket change to help in the cause to pass better pesticide regulations. I did canvas Anne Rice's neighborhood once. She wasn't home. Your story is much better.

Great story, Pinky. Glad to see you can take the girl out of Los Angeles or something, or maybe just glad to read a good story and no need for an accompanying cliche.

Oh wow, great story!!!

I read his obituary a week or two ago but this was much more touching and real. I hope they read it at his memorial.

Actually, I hope someones reads something like this about me at my memorial.

Oh you lucky girl. I could almost cry, what a gorgeous story. Thank you. Nin's my heroine.

Great story. He was my 8th and 9th grade science teacher, and who would have thought he had such an interesting life? He was very kind as a teacher and I'm glad to hear that extended into his home life too. Funny, I never thought he was that handsome - he was tall and thin and stooped, the way a science teacher should be. Thanks for passing along a beautiful vignette about an amazing man and great teacher.

There is very little future in being right when your boss is wrong.


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