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it was so nice meeting you yesterday in Santa Monica--Hope your interview went well with Jonathan. Glad to know we have fellow fucktard, Goldberg in common. He's great. I'm a fan and now a friend. Jonathan's reading at Skylight was great too. They had a whole section of risque book topics and future visiting authors, so he fit right in.

Just to let you know, I joyfully read LAist everyday. It'd feel kind of weird for me to comment Cool post! Great post! everyday. I think getting comments relies on touching similar passions, and usually isn't about quality writing. The more you jump around in your subject matter, the less likely your going to warrant comments from rabid fans of specific topics. The Valley post just had a lot readers who are passionate about the Valley. It's a little bit harder to be passionate about a grisly murder. But it was a quality read, and I'm you glad you wrote it. So cheers and keep up the good work. I think LAist is the best blog in L.A. :)

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