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#12. How?

Inquiring minds want to know...

Hm. I kept flashing back to my (near-forgot) boarding school experiences and trying to decide if her narrative rang true (yes, but no), if my version was more interesting (yes, possibly), and if I should have written my own version of this book (no, no, no).

If I hadn't had my all-about-me movie playing in my head, I would have thought, huh, not bad chick lit (ooh, fighting words).

Hey Caroline -- best of luck with the move and the MFA. You plan on having an online presence from the East? If not, you will surely be missed.

Ah, interesting. I highly recommend John Green's YA Looking for Alaska, if you haven't read it yet, as a totally different boarding school novel. (Which I liked far more.)

Good trip and bon chance, dearie!

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